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Founder and Market-Driven Strategy Consultant

Dennis Sellke

Founder and Market-Driven Strategy Consultant:

Mr. Sellke is an accomplished medical device business leader with demonstrable success in both large company (17 years with Medtronic) and small company environments (most recently serving as a Senior Vice President of Business and Market Development, and Director of 3f Therapeutics, Inc.). Mr. Sellke organized Headwater Associates, LLC to serve the medical device client's desire to change and the need to link basic strategy and operating results. To do so, Mr. Sellke has gathered an impressive group of medical device specialists—all with deep experience—that reflect challenges recognized and met in their own individual work history.

Mr. Sellke has held the following positions in:

  • Large device companies
    •  Territory Sales Specialist/Sales Trainer
    •  Product Manager
    •  Director of Marketing
    •  Director Corporate Staff
      (Strategic Planning/M & A)
    •  Divisional VP
    •  Executive Committee Member
  • Small device companies
    •  Senior Vice President, Business Development
    •  President/CEO
    •  Director
    •  Consultant

Here in this most demanding business crucible—the medical device industry—working in these varied environments, Mr. Sellke has come to understand how valuable the practical hands-on experience of others can be… and the "cost of doing without". Mr. Sellke holds a BS in Business, and an MBA.

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